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Will You Survive Iceland?

Welcome the land of vikings!

You don't have to be a typical tourist who gets lost in Iceland anymore.

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About the Author - Marius Borgarbúi - Founder of

I wrote this guide book because of a need for decent information about how to travel safely in Iceland. Every year, many foreigners get fatally injured or get lost because they are misinformed about the possible danger while traveling in Iceland.

Cultural facts

It's been a hassle for many vegans/ vegetarians who come to Iceland to find a good place to eat. This chapter will solve the problem! 

Safety Tips

First chapter of the book covers essential information about how to travel around Iceland. It also includes important tips and hacks that would make your trip much easier and safer. Yes, most of the tourists overlook safety factor!

What is in the book?

In the second part you will find best tips about Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It includes list of cheap accommodation, cheap rental cars, grocery stores and many other things that will make your stay feel like being a local. 

All about Reykjavik

Third part is for those who would like to get into the mind of  an Icelandic person. It will not only help  to understand the Icelandic mentality, but also you will learn much more about Icelandic culture! 

Vegan/Vegetarian Guide

Get this FREE guide book and make your travel more enjoyable!